Prince dismisses despotic regimes, saying they just offer boundaries



“You wear a burqa.  There’s no choice.  People are happy with that”

Prince has vocalised his liking of Islamic countries on the disturbing basis of required order that leaves people paying harsh penalties for not following dictated regimes.

“It’s fun being in Islamic countries”, he said.  “There’s only one religion.  There’s order.  You wear a burqa.  There’s no choice.  People are happy with that”.

While there may be many people who indeed find living under totalitarian regimes as satisfying as Prince claims them to be, when asked about the fortunes of those unhappy living under government rule that leaves them devoid of any free choice, he replied:  “There are people who are unhappy with everything.  There’s a dark side to everything”.

“We can’t do what we want to all the time”

In the past, Prince has covered a variety of controversial topics in his music, including the notion of “23 positions in a one-night stand” in his song Gett Off.

In 2001 Prince embraced religion and became a Jehovah’s Witness.  “I was anti-authoritarian but at the same time I was a loving tyrant.  You can’t be both.  I had to learn what authority was.  That’s what the Bible teaches.  The Bible is a study guide for social interaction”, he said of his cavorts with enlightenment.

“Noise is a society that has no God, that has no glue.  We can’t do what we want to do all the time.  If you don’t have boundaries, what then?”, he continued.

Internet piracy, a result of lacking boundaries

Prince remains an ardent foe of Internet piracy, and refuses to record another album due to the phenomenon.  Commenting on it previously, he has said:  ”I’m supposed to go to the White House to talk about copyright protection.  It’s like the gold rush out there.  Or a carjacking.  There’s no boundaries”.


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