Price laughs off LA party reports

Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie Price has laughed off reports that suggest she was living it up a little too much in Los Angeles.

The 32 year-old former Glamour model turned businesswoman was in LA for the Oscars, and was said to have shocked fellow partygoers at Elton John’s post Oscars party with her antics.

“Great night celebrating oscars and very successful week,” Price wrote on her Twitter page. “Led astray so sore head! Apparently to The Sun this is evidence of my meltdown (sic).”

She added, “If I’m in meltdown so are most of the journos out here and half of LA! They can join me on my training run today and back on the wagon.”

Price later retweeted a message sent by News of the World, the Suns Sunday paper, showbiz journalist, Dan Wooton, which stated that he meant the star had had “a lot of fun” at the event, rather than having “behaved inappropriately.”

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