Pretty Pink Picture: SCG Crowd Becomes a sea of pink in memory of Jane McGrath

Jane McGrath Day

Jane McGrath Day

The third day of the Sydney Test, which for the last three years has been know as ‘Jane Mcgrath Day’, brought out the sun in Sydney for the first day of the test so far. It almost suggests Jane is watching as we haven’t had a cloudy one so far.

Jane Mcgrath the wife of Australian bowling legend Glenn Mcgrath was diagnosed with breast cancer, and after years of battling with the cancer, unfortunately passed away in 2008.

Australia came out donning their ‘baggy pink hats’ at the start of this day of events, fundraising and celebration of Jane’s life, with England following suit in their pink caps.

A day of pink celebration it certainly is with 40,000 spectators getting involved wearing pink hats, wigs, skirts, face paint or anything else they can find.

The scoreboard, stumps and even event sponsor Vodafone changed the colour of their logo for the event.

The Australian players have continued playing with pink shoelaces to show their support for the day, with the England team all signing their hats to auctioned during the day.

Jane Mcgrath co-founder of the charity was remembered as a banner was unveiled in her memory prior to the match commencing.

The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was at the SCG showing her support of the day’s events, herself wearing a pink shirt. Julia Gillard was also reported to have joined the charity at the Jane Mcgrath High Tea and gave the charity a shout out on Twitter.

With the charity raising around $1 million in the last three years with similar events at the SCG this money has raised the number of cancer care nurses from four to sixty one, with added Federal Government Funding.

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