Portman won’t name her baby ‘Oscar’

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Oscar winner Natalie Portman has said she won’t be naming her new baby Oscar, despite picking up the Best Actress gong last night.

The star, who also stars alongside Ashton Kutcher in the film, No Strings Attached, won the award for her role in Black Swan.

Following the awards ceremony, the star told the press, “I think that’s probably, definitely out of the question.”

The star also thanked her unborn child for helping her keep some perspective on the events and excitement of recent weeks.

“Having a baby feels like it has been a protection against all the hoopla and everything which is more superficial,” she said.

Christian Bale picked up an Oscar for best Supporting Actor and revealed that his daughter would pinch his Oscar as soon as he got home.

Bale, who won his award for his role in The Fighter said, “I’ll get home to my daughter and she’ll say ‘thank you very much, I’ll have that’.”

Bale also made a joke about co-star Melissa Leo’s foul mouthed acceptance speech, saying,  ”I’m not going to drop the f-bombs like Melissa Leo,” he said. “I’ve done enough of that before.”

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