PlayStation Vita: Worldwide release delayed

Sony's new Playstation Vita

Sony’s new Playstation Vita

Sony Computer Entertainment’s newest next-generation portable gaming console, The PlayStation Vita’s release has been delayed. Sony say that the portable gaming console will not be going on sale in Europe or in the US in time for Christmas however it will be in shops in Japan by the end of the year.

Backwards compatible with all PSP games

The PlayStation Vita comes with two analogue sticks, multi-touch capacity touch screen and supports Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi. The main feature of the PlayStation Vita is its backwards capability with all PlayStation portable (PSP) games digitally released in the PlayStation Store. However the analogue sticks will only be supported on selected games. It is set to replace the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The handheld device was set to be released before the holiday season in the United States, but release dates have been pushed back to 2012. The Japanese release date is still scheduled for the end of the year with official dates of release revealed at September’s Tokyo Game Show. The delay is a big deal, as it means Sony will miss the PlayStation Vita being placed on the market for the holiday season in the States or even here in the UK. Which is the most important shopping period in the United Kingdom, United States and many other western countries, where parents will buy gifts for their children and others spending money on the newest most expensive gadgets available.

Very affordable

Sony claim that there will be no price cut for the Vita. Sony Cooperation Executive Vice-President Kazuo Hirai said “We packed so much into the device and make it very affordable”, he goes on to say that there is no need to lower the price of the Vita, just because someone else in the video game industry has decided to lower the price of the product.

The PlayStation Vita is estimated to cost around £152 ($249) for the Wi-Fi only version, and £182 for its mobile phone handset.

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