Peter Andre wants Elen to move in with him

Peter and Elen

Peter and Elen

Pop Star Peter Andre returned from another date with Frank Lampard’s ex wife, Elen Riva’s, with a huge smile on his face, amid reports the star wants Elen to move in with him.

The couple had been out to celebrate the Dancing On Ice stars 36th birthday, after her ice skating career was cut short by voters who booted her off.

Riva’s, a Spanish born WAG, was escorted home by Pete at 3am, after spending the evening in plush Shoreditch House in London.

Elen in modelling mode

Pete is apparently smitten with Elen, and a source told The Sun, “Peter was really worried when Elen hurt herself. It made him realise just how crazy he is about her.

“He has really fallen for her and when Peter falls in love, the whole world knows about it.

“He’s not afraid of showing his feelings and he thinks living together would ensure she spends as much time with him as possible.

“To him it feels like the most natural thing in the world.”

Will Elen be kinder to Pete than Katie Price ever was and will we see their lives unfold on ITV 2 anytime soon? Comments below please.

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