Peter Andre compiles dossier of child neglect against ex-wife, Katie Price

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Pop star Peter Andre has finally reached breaking point when it comes to his kid’s wellbeing around the media circus that is Katie Price.

The Australian singer is compiling a dossier of evidence against the former model, in a bid to secure custody of his children.

The 37-year-old doesn’t think Katie Price is a fit mother, and allegedly has footage of her screaming obscenities around the children.

Peter Andres solicitor has made a legal application to the Family Court, after his daughter, Princess, was burnt while in her mum’s care.

A source told The Sun newspaper, Peter thinks she is mentally unfit to be in charge of children. He wants full custody, even if temporary, until she sorts out her car crash of a life.”

Katie Price was quick to fight back, admitting that the police had spoken to her regarding the incident with her 3-year-old daughter.

She said: “Shamefully, someone contacted the police. I have co-operated fully and provided evidence of just how minor this incident was.”

She claims that her daughter was burnt by a hot towel rail, and has now started talking to divorced second husband, Alex Reid.

Some people believe she is only being nice to him again, having spent time with him in a hotel at the weekend, because she is afraid he will give evidence against her on behalf of Peter.

The 32-year-olds spokesperson said, “We know nothing about these proceedings and think this is another publicity stunt.”

On her twitter feed she wrote, “I’m spending valentines with my only 2 gorgeous boys Harvey and junior and my little princess kids films popcorn cuddles xx [sic]“

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