Peter Andre buys himself birthday Ferrari

Peter Andre

Peter Andre

Australian pop star Peter Andre revealed he bought himself a late birthday present – a Ferrari.

The singer, who was married to Katie Price, is now dating Spanish model, Elen Rivas, and turned 38 last month. Andre revealed he bought himself the new car and is now “obsessed” with it.

He said, “I bought a new car last week as a belated birthday present to myself. It’s a Ferrari California and I’m obsessed with it. I first saw it on ‘Top Gear’ and, being the car geek that I am, I just had to have it.

“I call it the ‘Fezza’ for short and I’ve spent the last week taking everyone out for a spin in it. Elen particularly loves the red leather interior, as it’s her favourite colour. I took her to a lovely Asian restaurant near my house the other day and picked her up in the ‘Fezza’. She loved it!”

Peter will have to leave the car alone for a little bit though as he is off skiing with kids, Junior, 5 and Princess, 3, on a skiing holiday.

He wrote in his New column, “I’m packing for a skiing trip at the weekend with the kids. I can’t wait and think we’re all going to have an absolute ball.”

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