Perry’s family connection

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy Perry revealed she wore her grandmother’s earrings on her wedding day as her something borrowed.

Perry, who married comedian Russell Brand last year, revealed she had worn the earrings as she loved wearing things that carry a sentimental meaning, and wanted to continue a family tradition.

Perry explained, “My grandma gave me some earrings she wore on her wedding day, which my cousin wore to her wedding and I wore on my wedding day. I like things that have stories behind them.”

Perry also told Hello magazine that she loves raiding Brands collection of bling, to accessorise her outfits.

“My husband wears a lot of jewellery. His jewellery case is pretty impressive. A lot of times I’m picking out things of his to wear. We steal each other’s jewellery.”

Katy also revealed she liked charm bracelets, and had been scouring antique stores looking for little items.

“I feel a little English now. Every little charm represents something in my life.

“When I was 13 or 14 I’d go to the thrift store and but a little bracelet that had charms from the 1940s when girls got them from their soldiers. The history was adorable.”

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