Pennant forgets he owned a Porsche – A sign that footballers get paid too much money?



A Stoke City footballer has walked his way into the record books this week – as the first footballer to forget he owned a Porsche.

The player, who also used to play for Liverpool and Arsenal, was tracked down by worried security chiefs at a train station in Spain.

Pennant, playing for Spanish club Real Zaragoza at the time, is reported to have left the car at the train station, and then found another way home.

P33NNT on Jermaines Aston during his Liverpool days

Security at the station started to worry that the car hadn’t moved for 5 months, and were shocked to find the keys left on the driver’s seat of the unlocked car.

Having tracked Pennant down as the owner of the car, with the personalised number plate, P33NNT, security claim he denied knowledge of ever having bought the car.

In a clear sign that footballers have more money than sense, is it about time we saw a cap on footballers wages?

Perhaps the best thing to do would be to sell the car and donate the money to charity Jermaine.

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