Paramedics Claims Jackson’s Doctor Concealed Drugs

Singer died of fatal drug overdose

Singer died of fatal drug overdose

A paramedic who was called to Michael Jackson’s home, says he saw the singer’s doctor conceal three bags of lidocaine in a bag, while attempts were being made to revive Jackson.

In day three of legal proceedings against Doctor Murray, Richard Saneth, one of the first paramedics to arrive at the scene, described the scenes as he arrived at the late singer’s home.

Saneth said that he did not instantly recognise the singer who was lying lifeless on his bed, and then stated that he saw an IV stand beside the bed, believing it belonged to a hospice patient suffering from an illness such as aids.

Upon his arrival, Saneth said that Murray was in a panicked state spinning and sweating, he then asked Murray what medication he had prescribed the singer, to which Murray responded saying; he had not given him anything but a sleeping tablet.

These claims coincide with that of another paramedic Richard Sennef, who also said that Jackson was lifeless when he first saw him.
He said the singers hands and feet were cold and limp, and that they had turned blue, a tell tale sign of a drug addiction.

He said that the pop star looked anything but a superstar about to embark on a massive series of shows, and like Saneth referred to him as a hospice patient.

Jackson’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez also paints a bleak picture for Murray when he described what happened.

“I was reaching for the phone to call 911 when the children came into the room. Paris screamed ‘Daddy’, and started crying. Murray said ‘get them out’,”

“He just grabbed a handful of bottles, or vials, and he instructed me to put them in a bag.”

In their attempt to get Murray to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter, the Prosecutors are claiming that Murray administered the fatal dose of Propofol to the singer without the proper equipment.

They will then state to the Jury that the doctor attempted to cover up his actions when he realised the signer had died. The case continues.

Do you think Murray is the cause of Jackson’s death, or is the singer’s death his own doing? Let us know.

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