Panto star Mickey Rooney granted restraining order against his stepson

Mickey Rooney

Mickey Rooney

90-year-old actor Mickey Rooney has been granted a restraining order against his stepson, who has allegedly deprived him of food and medication.

The US star, who has been married an amazing eight times, has taken out the temporary order against the son of his eighth wife, Jan Chamberlin.

He married Chamberlin in 1978 and used court documents to claim that her son, Christopher Aber, 52, ‘threatens, bullies and harasses’ him.

The actors lawyers released a statement saying , “Mickey is extremely fearful that Chris will become physically threatening against Mickey and may even attempt to kidnap Mickey from his home,”

Rooney, who received an honorary Oscar in1983 for 50 years of versatility, said himself, “All I want to do is live a peaceful life, to regain my life and be happy,”

Mickey was over in the UK last Christmas, performing in the Milton Keynes pantomime. The restraining order is only temporary so the case continues.

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