Paltrow claims British men are too apologetic



Coldplay roadie Matt McGinn has revealed that Gwyneth Paltrow was shocked when he apologised for a comment he made about her husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.

McGinn, who has written a book about his time on the road with the band called, Roadie, My life on the Road with Coldplay, revealed that he had met Gwyneth when the pair were just dating.

“Gwyneth asked me, ‘Are you the Matt that plays guitar on ‘Yellow’?’ Wow, I thought. A proper actress has heard of me. ‘Yeah, that’s right.’ ‘Well, it sounds great!’ Bless her. I was lost for a moment, so – for better or worse – I decided to act cocky, since the only alternative would have been to go bright red.”
“It was a big gamble, but I went with, ‘Cheers. So, do you think I play it better than your boyfriend?’ It hit the spot; she laughed.

“Afterwards I felt a bit guilty for throwing a nice compliment back in her face, and said sorry a few days later; but she brushed it off and asked, ‘Why are English guys always apologising?’”

McGinn said he enjoyed meeting the Hollywood superstar and that she was really down to earth.

He added, “Obviously, when I got home and saw my pals again for a pint, one of the first things they asked was, ‘Well then, did you meet Gwyneth? What’s she like?’ ‘Yeah I did. And she’s great. She’s just a normal girl, really. Well, except for the rock star husband.’”

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