Owen Wilson admits wandering eye

owen wilson

owen wilson

Comedy actor Owen Wilson has revealed all men have a wandering eye and will check out other women from time to time.

Wilson, who has just starred in Hall Pass played a married father of three children who can’t help gawping at attractive ladies as they walk past.

Wilson admitted that whilst the movie was a comedy, it was based on real life.

“Guys really do look. It’s a bit like dogs – we look as we’re walking. Sometimes it seems like you can’t help it,” he said.

Wilson is now a father himself, having recently had Ford, who is two months old with girlfriend Jade Duell. He concedes that the idea of settling for one woman can seem hard.

“Even if God told you this is the perfect woman and the best match on the planet for you, you’d still want to try number two. And that’s a slippery slope because then you’d wonder what the person back in 97th is like,” he continued.

In the film Wilson plays a character called Rick who get’s given a Hall Pass by his wife, meaning he gets a guilt free week long pass from marriage.

“For a lot of men, it would seem like a dream come true. You remember back when you were single, going out to bars,” Owen explained.

“But it’s a double-edged sword. If you’re going to get a hall pass, that means your wife is too – and chances are they might have more luck than you.”

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