Osbourne hits back at Perez

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osboune has hit back at blogger Perez Hilton after he attacked for drinking on a night out recently.

Perez, who is America’s number one source of celebrity gossip, printed pictures of Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter downing shot’s of tequila and drinking beer on a night out at The Bronson Bar in LA at the weekend.

It wasn’t so much the photo’s that riled Kelly, as his comments that went alongside the photos.

Perez wrote, “Oh girl, what are you doing?? Didn’t you just go to rehab not that long ago? Again! Since you, like Lindsay Lohan, have an addictive personality, we’d advise BOTH of you to abstain from all substances – pills, alcohol, weed, heavy drugs, etc.”

Using twitter, what else these days, to respond to the jibes, 26 year-old Kelly said, “I’m a 26 year old adult women (sic) a corona and a shot hardly constitutes rehab. I was out having fun with my friends!

She continued, “I am fully allowed to have the odd drink with my friends… good lord crime of the century!”

Kelly was particularly annoyed as she had been in rehab in 2009, but successfully overcame her addiction to painkillers.

Osbourne later went on to tweet, “Thank you for caring though you know I love you I will call you later.”

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