Oprah Winfrey Interviews JK Rowling and Gets The Answer That Fans and Retailers All Want to Hear

Oprah Winfrey interviewed JK Rowling recently in Edinburgh for the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Photo: Harpo Productions)

Oprah Winfrey interviewed JK Rowling recently in Edinburgh for the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Photo: Harpo Productions)

Oprah Winfrey has been pulling in the biggest stars and news for the final year of her famous Oprah Winfrey Show usually taped in Chicago, Illinois and she got a tasty tidbit of news for JK Rowling fans. Oprah interviewed Ms. Rowling in Edinburgh for her latest broadcasted show and asked her if there might possibly be any further books on her beloved Harry Potter character. To the delight of fans she didn’t rule it out.

She said that the characters are “in my head still” and that the end of writing the series was a difficult time for her and it was much like a mourning phase. She said: “I think I am done but you never know. They’re all in my head still. I could definitely write an eighth, ninth book. I had to mourn Harry. It was bereavement. It was huge …… although I knew it was coming. Initially, I was elated, then I cried …… only twice in my life have I cried like that. The other time was when my mother died.”

The thought there would be other Harry Potter books to come is not only a welcomed thought for Harry Potter fans but all of those that have made a living from the books besides the author. Booksellers, products that licensed to use the Harry Potter brand, movie theatres, and others. The Harry Potter books boosted the bookselling industry and spurred thousands of spin off products such as films made from the books and a new theme park based on the books as well.

To date the books have sold more than 400 million copies. The movies have been extremely successful both in theatres and in after release DVD rentals and sales. The actors playing main characters have all found themselves well off with Daniel Radcliff being considered in the top 5 highest paid actors per film. The Warner Brothers’ films have taken in 1.7 billion dollars and once the final two films are released are expected to surpass the reigning highest grossing film franchise of Star Wars.

While fans are indeed thrilled with the possibility that perhaps Harry Potter might continue on as a Hogwarts instructor and they might be privy to go with him on another journey, there is an entire economy that has profited from the books that are thrilled just as much as fans.

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