Olly Murs names his ideal woman



Olly Murs fans will sit up and take note as their favourite star has named his ideal woman, but just who is it?

Nigella Lawson, the curvy chef has appeared as his top choice, as the X Factor star admitted he’d like to date an older woman to replace his mum.

Murs fans were left excited by news that Olly admitted he would consider dating a fan this week, and will be brushing up on their cooking skills now they know what makes their favourite singer tick.

“Who’s that sexy chef? Nigella Lawson, she’d be my ideal woman,” he said. “I think she’s very seductive, a proper sexy woman.

“In fact, if I had an older woman like Nigella, I wouldn’t have to rely on my mum so much anymore. That’s a great plan.”

Olly also admitted that not much was going on with his love life at the moment. The 26 year-old, who has millions of potential suitors said, “There’s not much going on romance-wise at the moment. I’ve got a lot of love for a lot of people but I haven’t got a love interest at all. I’ve always said there’s room in my heart for a woman but nothing has come up.”

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