No prenup for Wills and Kate

The happy couple

The happy couple

Prince William has decided against drawing up a prenuptial agreement before exchanging vows with Kate Middleton.

Going against royal official advice to draft some sort of legal agreement, William refused. An inside source explains: “He loves Kate and trusts her implicitly and was adamant that no agreement was necessary.”

Prince William is reportedly worth $45 million. He was left £6.5million by his mother Princess Diana, which through investments is likely to have grown substantially since her death in 1997. In addition, his father Prince Charles pays William’s living costs. Even the late Queen Mother ensured he would be well looked after, placing two-thirds of her money in trusts split amongst all the great-grandchildren.

Kate, who had worked for Jigsaw and most recently her parent’s company, quit her job in January to plan the wedding. There are currently no plans for to work in the near future.

Without a prenup, should the royal couple divorce, it will be left to lawyers to battle through a settlement for both Kate and William.

The Duchess of York received £15,000 a year from Prince Andrew when their marriage ended after ten years in 1996. But Princess Diana’s lawyers got her a £17million pay-off when she divorced Prince Charles.

Let’s hope theirs will be a fairytail ending.

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Pre-Nup for Will and Kate?

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