New Bounce and Jean Martyn to battle it out for Britain’s Got Talent Final

Britain's Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent

Last night, boyband New Bounce, keyboard player Jean Martyn, Britney Spears impersonator Lorna Bliss and operatic dance group Enchantment fought for the final two slots headed for the Britain’s Got Talent final.

30-year-old Lorna Bliss’s performance included a saucy routine with a python, but failed to impress the judges. In fact, her appearance in the semi-final was questioned considering she did get three “No” votes in past shows.

Rumours speculate the reason for keeping her in the final was an attempt by Simon Cowell to “sex up” this week’s semi-finals. However, when he saw her latest act in person, he was not impressed, telling her: “The performance was about as limp as your python.”

Enchantment’s choice of animal costumes for their dance routine prompted judge David Hasselhoff to say it was like watching “cats in a blender” to which Simon Cowell added: “the whole thing was totally mad.”

The two star finalists did make a good impression on the judges: Jean Martyn’s energetic keyboard playing had judge Amanda Holden comparing her to “a can of red bull” while New Bounce’s version of Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ really wowed BGT big boss Cowell.

Cowell branded the boy band as “the ones to beat” and told the teens: “I saw your audition, it was very dated. This time it felt like that you chose the song. I loved your version. This is the first time in two days that I’ve seen an act which I genuinely believe will be successful in the real world.”

Martyn and New Bounce will return for the final on Saturday night with a chance to win £100,000.

Click here for New Bounce’s performance:

And watch Jean Martyn’s keyboarding skills here:

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