New Apprentice Contestants to Compete for Quarter of a Million Pounds Investment Money

Two of the 16 contestants on the new Apprentice were victims of the recession. (Photo BBC)

Two of the 16 contestants on the new Apprentice were victims of the recession. (Photo BBC)

The new season of The Apprentice will have a very interesting cast of hopeful business tycoons competing for the approval of Lord Sugar. The success of such a diverse and interesting group should bring the usual high number of viewers to the show. An interesting twist to this go around is that instead of landing a job in Lord Sugar’s electronics empire, the winner will get an investment of capital from Lord Sugar into their own personal business idea. The amount of the investment will be 250,000 pounds.

Two of the total sixteen candidates are in search of a new beginning having lost jobs during the recession. One, Alex Epstein, 26, worked in corporate communications before he lost his job. The other, Joy Stefanicki, 31, was a New York marketing director before becoming unemployed during the recession.

Other contestants include Stuart Baggs, 21, the youngest Apprentice contestant to date. Surgeon turned businessman Shibby Robati, 27, and Melissa Cohen, 27 nicknamed “ The Bulldozer” due to her aggressive business style are also looking to win Lord Sugar’s quarter of a million pounds investment money.

When commenting on the new batch of possible business standouts, Lord Sugar said: “It’s sink or swim and you’ve probably picked up by now that I don’t do lifejackets.”

Another interesting contestant is Christopher Farrell, 28, who is a retired Royal Marine that served in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and Northern Ireland during his 10 year Armed Forces career before becoming a mortgage broker.

Farrell said: “I was a sniper in the Royal Marines and I take that killer instinct across into business,”

The BBC show begins October 6th.

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