Naomi Campbell to take over from Cheryl Cole on the X Factor



The show, which looks set to lose both Cheryl and music mogul Simon Cowell to the American version of the show needs some star quality and Campbell would bring that.

ITV bosses are concerned that the departure of the nations favourite two judges would turn people away from the show, and want to bring in someone of a similar stature to Cheryl.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday newspaper, a show insider said, “‘X Factor’ chiefs are also looking for a male star with a global reach on the same scale as Naomi to help shore up the panel, amid fears the departure of Simon and Cheryl will send ratings into freefall.

“Naomi is seen as being of the calibre of celebrity needed to inject new glamour and maintain peak ratings.”

Naomi has no real music experience, but has spoken out about her love for the show and boss Simon in the past.

She recently said: “Simon is an institution. I love him. I watch ‘The X Factor’ every week and it drives my boyfriend insane. I’m torn about who I want to win.”

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