Mylene Klass has no problem with baby weight

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

TV Presenter Mylene Klass has revealed she has no problem with the extra weight she has put on through her pregnancy.

The former musician is expecting her second baby girl with her partner Graham Quinn. Klass admitted that pregnancy was ‘taking its toll’ as she revealed she had put on three stone through the process.

That was last month, and speaking to Now magazine she revealed, “It’s more now!”

“I was really jowly last time, so I’m sure I’ve got more weight to put on, too. But it’s fine – it’s the one time when you’re meant to put on weight.

“To be fair, I was heavier in college than I am pregnant, and in Hear’Say I was the same weight I am now.”

Mylene also revealed that her first daughter, three year-old Ava had now warmed to the idea of having a little sister.

“Ava’s been talking to her new sister through my belly button, saying good morning and goodnight every day,” she added. “She can’t wait to meet her sister, which is a change from when she first found out and told the doctor she wanted a rabbit.”

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