Moyles goes for 37 hour radio show record

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles is targeting the longest radio show record as he and radio sidekick, Comedy Dave plan to smash the record for charity.

BBC Radio One DJ, Chris Moyles, presents the stations breakfast show, and is hugely popular with listeners, along with his team, who include Comedy Dave.

Chris, 37, and his partner Dave will join the other DJs as guests on their shows, as well as presenting their usual breakfast slot, and will go without sleep for charity.

Chris said, “In 2009 I broke the record for being the longest-serving breakfast DJ on Radio 1, so I thought, why not go for broadcasting the longest radio show on Radio 1 too.

“Of course I’m worried about what the lack of sleep will do to me, but the pain will be worth it if we can raise a fortune for Comic Relief.”

His close buddy and radio sidekick Dave added, “I’d love to say I’m really excited about it, but every time we talk about the project I feel tired and start yawning.”

The pair will actually be allowed a five minute break every hour, which they can save up to take in a longer spell if they want.

Simon Mayo currently holds the record, also for Comic Relief, which he broke in 1999.

Listen out for Chris on Radio One from 6.30am on March 16th.

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