Miss World: London Prepares For Battle Of The Beautiful

Miss World 1961 Winners

Miss World 1961 Winners

Miss World contestants are in London preparing for the finals of the competition to be held next week, this will be the first time in 60 years that the competition will have come back to the place where it started. It was on Halloween that the contestants made their way into London and to the London Eye being surrounded by workers rushing to work.

122 contestants

The contestants converged at the London Eye and were perfectly made up and in ball gowns promoting the final for the Miss World contest which will take place at Earls Court on Sunday. The first contest was also in London back in 1951 when there were 26 participants, and viewers from around the world could have been compared to the number of people watching a football World Cup.

Since 1951 the contest has gone in and out of popular interest and this year there are 122 women in the mix which includes 36 models, and organisers have revealed that they expect that more than one billion will be switching on to watch the contestants reciting their pledges to world peace and many other far-fetched ideas.

The contest is much different to when it first started, in its present form there are many more contestants from many more countries involved and in the past the contestants were supposed to be seen and not heard. But over the years this has been changing with more opportunities for these women to express themselves and their talents.

It has been said that the contest is about Beauty with a purpose, and ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ is the global charity fund that is affiliated with the contest and has been for many years. Once the winner is crowned, she will also be carrying out her charitable work through the charity.

Sexism of times past

Miss World as a competition has developed to such an extent that many of the contenders are already active supporters of various causes. Moreover, with the view of setting these contestants as role models more than 50% are also studying for degree, 25% have already graduated and more than 50% are able to speak more than three languages.

There are many who believe that the contest is out dated and is completely associated with the sexism of times past. The contestants have been greeted with horror by some feminists, with women from activist groups welcoming the contenders sporting sashes decorated with titles like ‘Miss Ogyny’ and ‘Miss Represented’.

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