Miss England can’t get a date – any takers?

Jessica Linley

Jessica Linley

Having been voted Miss England, anyone would think that Jessica Linley would be having to bat boys away every time she leaves the house, but surprisingly this isn’t the case.

Jessica revealed that she hasn’t even been asked out on a date in the past five months since winning her crown.

The 21 year old 5ft 11in blonde is currently a law student but is only expecting one Valentine ’s Day card this year – from her mother.

You might expect Miss England to enjoy no end of admirers – but Jessica Linley has not even been asked out on a date in the five months since she won the crown.

Jessica said: ‘I’m tall, which may intimidate men.

‘And now I’m Miss England they may think they’ve no chance.

‘You start to wonder if something’s wrong with you.’

Jessica has just returned from an all expenses paid trip to Antigua but had to take her mum Rosemary.

Jess added, ‘It’d be nice not to have to go with my mum.’

The beauty, from Norwich, last had a boyfriend before she began at university in 2008 and is not particularly looking forward to Valentine’s Day.

She said: ‘I never have any cards now – just one from Mum, bless her.’

Maybe we have a reader who’d be willing to take her on a date?

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