Microsoft: Nokia Lumia 800 ‘First Real Windows Phone’



Microsoft has agreed with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop’s statement yesterday that the Nokia Lumia 800 is the first real Windows phone. Nokia hopes its partnership with Microsoft will help it reclaim some of the smart phone market which it has largely ceded to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android smart phones over the last few years. The phone goes on sale in the next few weeks, but Nokia started accepting pre-orders yesterday. It will have a 3.7 inch screen, run Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 software and have an eight megapixel camera.


Nokia has been working with Microsoft since the two companies announced a deal to work together a year ago. There will also be a cheaper version of the phone, the 710, released. Nokia unveiled four new handsets aimed at emerging markets at the same time they announced the Lumia 800.

Phone war

According to experts, a high street war is expected between Nokia, Apple and Google as all three firms try to lead the lucrative smart phone market. Currently Android has the largest market share, having risen rapidly to overtake the former leader, Apple. Apple’s market share has remained relatively stable over the last few months as Google’s share has continued to increase. Nokia hopes it will be able to take some of the steam from Android and regain the ground it has lost over the last few years. Of its two rivals, the Windows system is closer to that of Android according to Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, who highlighted that its customisability was similar to the Android system, whereas Apple had a more closed, less customisable system.

According to James Holland of gadget website Electric Pig the new phone is “a very strong proposition, for the first time in several years Nokia has made itself attractive again.”


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