Michelle Rodriguez believes in ET

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez

Battle: Los Angeles star Michelle Rodriguez has admitted she believes in Extra Terrestrial activity.

The star, who believes aliens exist, doesn’t think they are quite as flawed as the human race and is fascinated by the thought of life on another planet.

She said, “I believe in the possibility of aliens. We only perceive four per cent of what exists – the other 96 per cent is a mystery to us and to science, so I’m just leaving room for options.

“I can’t picture or imagine any aliens being as primal and destructive as humans. Jim Cameron has captured in ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Abyss’ what I believe aliens will be like if they exist.”

32 year-old Rodriguez also admitted she wasn’t afraid of death, having worked with dead bodies before.

Speaking to Live magazine she said, “I don’t mind staring at dead bodies.

“I worked in a morgue for a while, so I got used to it. People die; we’ve all got to go some day. It’s no big deal.”

Michelle has recovered from a childhood that saw her expelled from five different schools.

She said, “The biggest thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is that they take responsibility for their actions.

“People will never be successful as long as they blame others. They say, ‘It’s their fault; it’s the government’s fault; they’re putting me down.’ Stop complaining.

“This is my message to young girls who were like me, ‘It’s all your fault, so confess, straighten up, own it and follow your joy.”

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