Michael McIntyre reduces 9 year old to tears at BGTs Birmingham auditions

Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

Comedy’s Mr Nice guy Michael McIntyre reduced a 9 year old boy to tears, suggesting he has an evil side after all.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who was at the Birmingham auditions, reduced schoolboy David Knight to tears during the show.

David, dressed smartly in a suit came out for his audition, and told the judges, ‘I’m entering Britain’s Got Talent because I did a local competition and won it.

‘After that everyone was nagging me to go on Britain’s Got Talent. In the end I thought for goodness sake. I will go on.’

When McIntyre asked him who his favourite comedian was he replied, ‘Harry Hill’ to which the comedian himself buzzed his buzzer.

The loud noise shook the 9-year-old up and his eyes filled with tears, prompting Michael to retract his buzzer and try to reassure the boy he was only joking.

The boy then pulled himself together and drew a standing ovation for his routine, before Amanda Holden told the young star, ‘Congratulations. You had brilliant material. I hadn’t heard any of the jokes before and it was well delivered.’

Michael later felt bad for his actions, saying, He had bought a one-way ticket to tears. I thought I was going to have to jump on the stage.

‘The buzzer is so loud! I hope they edit that out – I don’t want to see him jumping out of his skin.’

With more and more children applying for the show, 2009 saw 75% of all applicants come from children, there have been calls for a separate show which caters to the emotional needs to the children’s ages.

Former Mr Nasty, Simon Cowell once famously gave a young girl a second chance when she fell apart under the pressure of singing in the live final.

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