Mel Gibson’s comeback film premieres at Cannes

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson

Of late, Mel Gibson has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. For years, he has been associated with anti-gay, anti-feminist and anti-Semitism comments, the most shocking of all in 2006 during a drunken driving arrest when he famously ranted, “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”

Recently leaked audio tapes of him arguing with and using other offensive racist slurs toward his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has not helped his image either.

With his outrageous behavior, he has all but shunned from Hollywood, which is why many were surprised when Jodie Foster chose him to co-star in her new film, The Beaver.

Foster, commented on her choice whilst at Cannes: “Only he can explain that and we are all responsible for our own behaviour, but I do know the man that I know and he’s been a friend for many, many years and somebody who is probably the most loved actor in Hollywood that I can think of … As a friend he is kind and loyal, thoughtful.”

She did confirm that although Mel Gibson would be appearing at Cannes, he would not be talking to the press.

Although the movie received mixed reviews, Foster does believe Gibson’s acting speaks volumes about the journey he has been on recently: “I think that he was willing to go to such a deep place and willing to expose himself in some ways, to really talk about something he knows a lot about which is struggle, wanting to change, wanting to transform yourself, not wanting to be who you are and I’m so grateful for that performance.”

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