Megan Fox and Rafa Nadal pose for new Armani adverts.

Magan Fox1

Magan Fox1

World Number One tennis star Rafa Ndala and big screen hottie Megan Fox have both swapped their normal jobs for a spot of modelling for Armani.

Megan Fox, star of the Transformer series, has allegedly recently split from her Fiancé, and appears to be taking no time in putting herself back on the market.

The photo, which see’s Megan promoting Georgio Armani underwear, sees the actress lying back on a leather couch in a pose that shows off her tattoos.

Another photo shows her from a different angle, wearing a pair of white jeans, and shows off the tattoos on her shoulder and inside back.

The tattoo’s read ‘Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.’ and ‘We will all laugh at gilded butterflies.’

Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal also models for the company, taking over from Cristiano Ronaldo, and is shown posing topless in jeans.

Could the photos help revive Megans acting career, which has struggled since she finished the Transformers films, and has seem her last few films receive criticism.

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