Mega Millions: $640 Million Jackpot

Two tickets for Mega Millions hopeful

Two tickets for Mega Millions hopeful

The numbers for the biggest lottery jackpot in history were announced, as ticket buyers hoped that they would experience a change in their lives with a massive payout. With so many people buying multiple tickets, it would appear as if the ultimate prize is being shared among the people of the United States.


The winners have earned themselves a nice $213 million before taxation comes and reaps its own damage. With media surrounding shops and outlets where people could purchase tickets, the losers could be heard grumbling away. Each one talking about the things they would have done with the money if their numbers were chosen.

Hopes had been raised with thoughts of mansions, quitting jobs and paying debts all on the cards for every person purchasing a ticket. As more and more people bought tickets and the prize increased on the hour, people began to moan about the small chance they had of winning.

Even the President of the United States couldn’t stop himself from being a part of the event. Sending the following fundraising email with the subject ‘Jackpot’ after the draw was made: “Yeah, we didn’t either. So we’re still at.”

In total hopeful Americans had spent $1.5 billion for the opportunity to walk away with a life changing sum of money, this amounted to being a $462 million lump sum and $347 after federal tax withholding.

Bookmakers must have been working over time trying to continually change the odds of victory, with the final jackpot odds being 1 in 176 million. This meant that it would cost a person $176 million to purchase each combination.

02-04-23-38-46 Mega Ball 23

A large number of people won small token amounts of money, amounts which still make these people winners. But the hopes were on the big prize which would have been won with the numbers 02-04-23-38-46 with the Mega Ball being 23.

The three big winners will find their bank balances boosted by $213 million before taxes, while three other ticket holder also won $1 million each.

Winners are not restricted to how they receive the money, as they can choose to receive their winnings as a heavily-taxed lump sum or they can get it as smaller annual payments.

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