McFlys Poynter happy for Saturdays ex

Frankie Sandford

Frankie Sandford

Despite spending the last month in rehab to get over his ex-girlfriend, Frankie Sandford, McFly’s Dougie Poynter has insisted he is happy for the Saturdays star now she has found love with Wayne Bridge.

Dougie was left devastated when she split up with him, but insisted that he was happy if she was happy.

“Look, it’s cool – so long as she’s happy, that’s all I can ask for. Although I wanted to date Wayne Bridge, so I’m a bit jealous, to be honest. I’m gonna do one better.

“I’m gonna have an affair with Wayne Rooney. Prostitute myself.”

Dougie has been staying with his band mates to help him get over his ex, before checking himself into the Priory for some professional treatment for his heartbreak.

Danny said: “I haven’t had a one-to-one chat with him since it happened because we’ve been so busy with the tour, but I said to him last week, ‘We need to go for a beer and a catch-up.’ He’s living with Tom at the moment, so it’s all good.”

Tom also added, “Our houses are next door to each other. We’d see each other every day anyway so he’s moved in with me since he split up with Frankie.”

Whilst Dougie claimed to be happy for his ex, his band mates weren’t so kind.

Asked if he thought the Wayne Bridge relationship would last Tom said: “I’m not sure.”

Danny bluntly answered, “No, I don’t think so. I personally couldn’t give a s**t what she does.”

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