Martin Freeman dismisses Hobbit curse suggestions

Martin Freeman

Martin Freeman

Office star Martin Freeman has rubbished suggestions that Peter Jacksons latest project, “The Hobbit,” is cursed, even though the Oscar winning director had to miss the publicity launch due to his ill health.

Martin will play the role of Bilbo Baggins in the two part prequel to Jackson’s previous hit trilogy, The Lord of the Rings. He told a press conference in Wellington that he is eager to start work, and shooting is due to begin on 21st March.

Freeman talked about media reports who have suggested that “the Hobbit” was cursed after a string of setbacks had held back filming, although it seems things are finally back on track.

“There are some bits of bad luck associated with it (but) we’re ready to go — just as soon as 2015 comes around,” he joked.

The film was originally scheduled to start shooting this month, but director Jackson had to have surgery to remove a perforated ulcer he was suffering from in January.

The $500 million project was also threatened by a union dispute, as well as a delay because of distribution rights wrangling, as well as tax issues with filming in Jacksons native New Zealand.

Jackson has taken over from Guillermo del Toro, who was due to direct the film but quit after all the problems.

Jackson apologised for not making the publicity launch and said, “I am under a form of medical house arrest to prevent me from overdoing it… I’m feeling these movies are going to be something very special.”

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