Marsh reveals kicking baby is keeping her up

Kym Marsh

Kym Marsh

Former pop star Kym Marsh has revealed that she is extremely tired during her pregnancy.

The 34 year-old, who has been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix, revealed that although she’s absolutely exhausted, she’s just happy the baby is healthy.

Speaking to Now magazine, Kym said, “I’m feeling exhausted at the moment.

“The baby has been kicking a lot in the night and she’s still hiccupping all the time, but I don’t mind now I know the reason behind it.

“Apparently, it’s because she’s swallowing fluid, which strengthens her breathing muscles. I’ve reached 30 weeks now, so I’m doing really well.”

Kym, who is currently a Coronation Street star, has suffered heartbreak in the past, after her son Archie died in 2009 after prematurely arriving after 21 weeks.

This time round, Kym and fiancé Jamie Lomas are making sure that she is well rested.

She added, “I had to get out of the house last Sunday, so Jamie took me and the kids for lunch. It was weird to be around other people. I was like, ‘Oh my God, life is still going on!’

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