Mark Ronson get’s engaged to Josephine De La Baume

Ronson and Josephine

Ronson and Josephine

Mark Ronson has got engaged to his girlfriend, Josephine De La Baume

A spokesperson for the producer musician confirms the pair, who met in 2009, are engaged after pictures emerged in Purple magazine of her posing with an engagement ring on.

Ronson has dated a host of women, including actress Rashida Jones and model Daisy Lowe, before meeting French model Josephine.

35-year-old Mark, brother of Lindsay Lohans former bad girl friend, Samantha Ronson, revealed that he wanted to share everything with her recently, including getting married.

He said: “It’s not the thought of the wedding – though that’s nice. It’s just the idea of marrying someone you really, really love that you just want to share that with.”

He added: “I think I’m fairly romantic. But then having a French girlfriend automatically sets the bar to a whole new level.

“I’m certainly not perfect. Nobody is. In every great relationship you have two people that really care about each other and, inevitably, they can wind each other up in ways that no one else is capable of.”

Mark splits his time between London and New York, but may have to settle in one place to keep his fiancé happy.

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