Love and Other Drugs, Not Your Typical Chick Flick ?

Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs

Your first impression of looking at Love and Other Drugs, the term ‘Chick Flick’ screams back at you. However there are a lot of things to enjoy about Love and Other Drugs, for both members of the sex.

Yes, there is the classic romantic comedy and drama story, where a womaniser falls for a girl and changes his ways, and visa versa.

The movie sees the story of a salesman competing in the cutthroat world of pharmaceuticals promoting a male performance enhancement drug. The movie is based on Jamie Reidy’s memoir, ‘Hard Sell: The evolution of a Viagra salesman’.

The tone of the movie begins funny, and the humour grows throughout the story, before making a turn to the serious. The humour remains, but the focus and tone of the movie have changed, when it moves from your typical love story, to an everyday problem people encounter.

The movie incorporates plenty of sex and humour, and its restlessness and lack of conviction make it both fascinating and frustrating, as you are not sure which way the movie is going.

Jamie Randall is played by Jake Gyllenhaall, the black sheep and the eldest son of an over achieving competitive Chicago family. Jamie is different from his family, using his charm, and good looks to sweep women off their feet, and get jobs which his family believe are beneath him.

Jamie gets his ideal job as a sales man for Pfizer, selling pharmaceuticals to doctors in Ohio. Jamie’s main problem is getting their drug Zoloft, to compete with Prozac. He struggles at the beginning, but after making aliases in doctors, and receptionists, he becomes successful and gets his dream job in Chicago.

However, on the way Jamie meets Maggie Murdoch, an attractive patient of his new found doctor friend. Jamie chases her in the hope of adding another notch to his bedpost, however, there’s something different about Maggie.

The two become infatuated with each other and we see the usual love story in these types of movies. However, when Maggie confesses to having early stages of Parkinson’s disease, cracks begin to show.

The remainder of the movie sees Jamie first convincing himself that Maggie is the one, to which he then moves onto Maggie.

The finale of the movie sees Jamie chasing a bus to Canada carrying Maggie, which leads the viewer to believe that Jamie is going to crash in a sick twist.

However, take your hands down he doesn’t crash, and they meet and make up.

They probably go onto be happy ever after, even though he is destined to a life of looking after her as she enters the later/ deteriorating stages of Parkinson’s.

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