Lohans mum furious at Glee again



Lindsay Lohan’s mum has hit out at Glee again, after they poked fun at her daughter for the second time this series.

Her mother, Doha, took exception to an episode that aired in the States this weekend, in which newsreader Katie Couric informs Sue Sylvester that she was going to be named one of the biggest losers in the world, along with Dina and he dog, “Sparky Lohan.”

Lohans mum was not happy at the reference and wants the producers to cut out the “hurtful” comments and produce “nice” scenes instead.

In an interview with E! News she said, “The show has targeted everyone from gays to lesbians, Asians, disabled and each other… several groups are going after the producers including mothers’ groups.

“It’s a shame as the dance numbers are amazing, but the writers need to be nice and more creative as opposed to being hurtful. They are sending the wrong message to the youth that are watching.

“Oh, and I must get a ‘fifth’ dog named Sparky… as far as Katie Couric is concerned, she has a short memory when the tabloids were trashing her a few years ago – and she’s a mom!”

Just last year Dina threatened the show with legal action after Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on the show and poked fun at Lindsay.

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