Lindsay Lohan pleads not guilty to necklace theft

Lindsay Lohan Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan Court Appearance

Lindsay Lohan pleaded not guilty to the charge of stealing a necklace from a Los Angeles jewellery store.

The $2,500 necklace was allegedly stolen by Lohan three weeks ago, after the star is said to have walked out of the store with the jewellery, which she later claimed she believed to be on loan, and was returned to the police.

In a very brief court appearance, 24-year-old Lohan was warned that she should adhere to the law while the case was in process or she could be jailed without bail.

Wearing sunglasses, a white dress and black heels, Lohan pleaded not guilty, although if she’s found guilty, she could face up to three years in prison due to her previous offences.

Lindsay is still on probation from a drink driving and cocaine possession charge from 2007.

She is also under investigation for allegedly attacking a Betty Ford employee whilst in rehad earlier in the year.

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