Lindsay Lohan accused of jewellery theft

Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing $2500 necklace

Lindsay Lohan accused of stealing $2500 necklace

Rebellious starlet Lindsay Lohan’s mischief seems far from over, following accusations of theft fired against her.

The 24 year old is suspected of stealing a $2500 necklace, following surveillance footage revealing images of her wearing the jewellery just before it went missing.

Following the police’s attempt to retrieve a warrant to search Lohan’s house, an associate of the troubled actress turned in the expensive necklace to the police.

A Los Angeles store owner filed a police report last week, following footage on the security video of Lohan trying on the necklace.

Despite evidence supporting the claims, Lohan expressed her anger at the idea of a police report being filed against her, calling them ‘nuts’ for doing so.

She said “it’s bull****, I don’t have any necklace.”

The claims infuse a repeat of claims against the actress in 2009, where £250,000 worth of jewels went missing during a cover photo shoot for UK Elle magazine.

Despite no charges being made against Lohan, she remained a probable suspect after being overheard repeatedly asking to keep the Dior jewels.

Last month, the star completed a 90-day stay in a rehabilitation centre, following the failure of a drugs test and repeatedly failing to meet the terms of her probation, in connection to her 2007 DUI conviction.

Lohan, who’s next court hearing is scheduled for February 25, faces a six-month jail sentence for any law violation she commits.

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