Lil’ Kim made friends behind bars

Lil Kim

Lil Kim

Rapper Lil’ Kim has spoken about her time in prison, after spending nearly a year in jail for perjury and conspiracy.

Kim spoke about the friends she made while in prison, as well as they few who tried to make her time behind bars as difficult as they could for her.

“I was greeted with open arms by a lot of wonderful, wonderful girls at FDC Philadelphia,” Kim told MTV’s after spending 10 months at the Federal Detention Center.

Kim also added that she had used her 10 month stay to recharge her batteries, after working so hard in the build up to her sentence.

She also added that she was glad to have made such good friends while there.

“I met a lot of good people in there who are still my friends to this day,” Kim explained.

Lil’ Kim plans to release her 5th album later this year.

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