Lauren Goodger promises knickers only on next series of ‘The Only Way Is Essex’

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger, the 24-year-old reality TV star from ‘The Only Way is Essex’ is on a mission to lose weight for season three of the show. She has already shed a stone in the past month but is determined to slim down even further so she can make a grand debut in her underwear.

Already very trim, Goodger see’s herself as big. “I want to lose another stone. Realistically, it will take me
about four months, so please God I hope I’ll be skinny for when the third series of ‘TOWIE’ starts in September!”

Although Goodger has herself quite a handsome fiance – co-star Mark Wright – seeing herself in episodes of TOWIE made her feel fat and made her want to lose more weight. “I didn’t like my legs. And on the telly, I look like I’ve got a double chin!”

Critics and parents alike worry what signal shows like TOWIE send to young women when already thin women feel the need to shed unnecessary weight to conform to an unrealistic size 0 ideal.

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