Last Nights Winning Television Combination: Glee and Shameless

Glee Returns

Glee Returns

Last night saw the return of two hit shows to our TV screens, with season two of Glee and season eight of Shameless premiering in the UK.

The wait was finally over for all the Gleek’s, as Glee returned to E4 last night. Glee is definitely on to a winning formula, with its blend of feel-good songs and its off-beat comedy. The hit US show is sure to have everyone hooked yet again.

Last night saw the Glee gang perform one of the biggest summer hits of 2010, Alicia Keys and Jay-Z’s ‘Empire State of Mind’. Last night also the introduction of some new faces, notably the new football coach Ms Beiste – suitably nicknamed the ‘beast’.

If you’re not already bursting with excitement for the rest of the new season, Glee has got a lot in store for you. Look out for the episode dedicated to Britney Spears; if you loved season ones Madonna episode then you will love this. Gwynneth Paltrows cameo episode is definitely one not to miss either!

Over on Channel 4, Shameless hit our screens for their eighth season. Can you believe this is the eighth year of Shameless?

The Gallaghers returned with some hilarious set pieces, but some fans may fear that the storylines have taken a turn for the worse.

Shameless has been hugely popular ever since the beginning, even winning a BAFTA and National Television Awards. However, with dramas as well received as this, they very often set themselves up for a fall by churning out series after series and risk outstaying their welcome as a result.

But as the first episode of the new season begins we are reminded of what makes Shameless so great, Frank Gallagher and his acerbic yet insightful opening soliloquies.

Here’s to hoping the Shameless auteur Paul Abbott keeps up the high standard of writing for the rest of the season. Long live Shameless.

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