Larry King defends Piers Morgan comments

Larry King Piers Morgan

Larry King Piers Morgan

Larry King defended his comments about Piers Morgan “overselling” his chat show in a stand off on Wednesday night.

Former newspaper editor Piers Morgan took over from 77 year old Larry after becoming popular in the states on America’s Got Talent.

Whilst he is a favourite in the States, he has failed to win as many views as Larry King had, and Larry thinks Morgan over publicised himself.

King did praise Piers for being a “fine broadcaster” but then said, “One of the problems they did was to oversell it – they said he was going to be dangerous, he was going to be water-cooler talk, it was ‘Wait till you see me, I’m different.’ Well, he’s good – but he’s not that dangerous.”

King, who returned to the show to be interviewed by Piers on Wednesday night was asked about his comments but stood firm.

“I haven’t seen you dangerous yet. I said you’re capable. This is what I think. Supposing we’re going to do four specials for CNN… first one’s in April, we’re still working on them. Supposing I said, ‘This first special will be the greatest special in the history of American television – the best – and dangerous.’ It can’t live up to that… Why can’t you just say, ‘Piers Morgan: I’m coming, watch me.’ ‘Piers Morgan starts next Monday.’ What’s wrong with that?”

Morgan fought backarguing his only option was to promote the show: “I suppose I’ve always oversold myself. I quite like doing that, it’s quite funny… What was I supposed to (do)? We couldn’t come in and undersell it, I’m following a legend. You can’t follow (Frank) Sinatra in Vegas and say, ‘By the way, I’m not very good and this is going to be useless.’”

Piers told King he hoped he’d one day live up to his ‘dangerous’ request before Morgan added, “Every day I do this my admiration for what you’ve achieved grows, because I’ve done 22 shows. I feel like I’ve been in a war zone! And you did 7,000 shows in 25 years… Just the sheer stamina that you showed is awesome.

“I carry a great sense of responsibility to live up to the legacy you left for me. I want you to watch the show and feel that it gets better and feel that I’m dangerous.”

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