Larry Hagman set to return for new Dallas series

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

American actor Larry Hagman has been invited back to appear in a remake of 1980s classic soap, Dallas.

Hagman, 79, will be recast in his previous role, playing oil baron, JR Ewing, in the new series. Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, who played Sue Ellen and Bobby Ewing in the original series has also been invited to return as the series is made by TNT.

The series will take a slightly different direction to the original, focusing on the Ewing side of the show, and their battle over the future of the family dynasty.

There will be some new stars in the show, with John Henderson from Desperate housewives taking over from Tyler Banks to play John ross, and Jordana Brewster from The Fast and the Furious playing Elena, who will be involved in a love triangle with the Ewing boys.

The Mambo Kings writer, Cynthia Cidre has written the pilot for the new show, which is guaranteed to be a hit, especially given the previous shows success.

The last show saw over 80million views tune into one show, when everyone wanted to know who had shot JR.

Will this one be as bigger success or will it only last a series before being dropped?

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