Kylie runs off TV in tears after cancer chat



Australian pop goddess Kylie Mingoue ran from the stage in tears after opening up about her struggle with breast cancer.

Minogue, who successfully beat the disease and has been clear of it for five years, spoke about her fight on Sunday Night, and Australian TV show.

The star had to run off stage to compose herself at one point, when talking about a visit to a children’s ward in a Melbourne hospital left her overcome with emotion.

When Kylie returned, she said: “The greatest part of my job and what I do is the humanity of it and there’s certain moments where that really cuts through.

“I’m sorry. I’m so ‘go, go, go’.

“I hadn’t really had time to give a thought about that until I was telling you.

“It just stops me in my tracks. I hadn’t thought about that since then.”

The pop star also thanked her family, adding, “You might have seen the bravery but I don’t think the public saw, well, I stayed indoors and it was my family who supported me through the really rotten, dark moments,” she said.


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