Kylie Minogue loves washing dishes



Aussie pop sensation Kylie Minogue has revealed she loves washing dished for her boyfriend.

42 year-old Kylie has been dating her boyfriend for over two years and admitted that she loves spending normal time with him, before performing in front of thousands of fans at night.

Kylie, who is dating Spanish model, Andrew Valencoso, revealed, “I love washing dishes – that was a lovely, special family moment, but I also love being up there on stage, feeling that incredible energy from my fans.”

Kylie also talked about how boring her touring life was, as she has to save up all her energy for performing.

She said: “How do I cope with touring? By being completely and utterly boring. I go on stage and then I go back to my hotel room, put on my pyjamas and drink tea. I’m not rock ‘n’ roll. I never have been.”

Kylie admitted that it has taken her boyfriend a while to get used to her ‘manic’ lifestyle when touring.

She explained: “Andres loves the dresses – they’re fun and sexy. We’ve been together long enough now for him to know what I’m like when I’m working.

“Part of the time he has me as the relaxed girlfriend, and then I go into manic work mode and it’s a whole new experience. He’s a special guy and totally gets me.”

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