Kung-Fu Feline: Cat Displays Its Martial Arts Skills

The Kung Fu Cat

The Kung Fu Cat

A cat who has been given the nickname of ‘Angry Cobra Cat’ has been filmed in a video in which it goes from standing on four legs to transferring into a martial arts master when it stands on its hind legs when confronted by another, considerably bigger cat. However, where some are amazed by the cats natural instincts some are unfairly calling the cat ‘crazy’.

De-La the Magnificent

The cat whose real name is ‘De-La the Magnificent’, is a well-loved pet who was rescued from an animal shelter where he was just one of many cats looking for a home. The video shows the white cat ignoring warnings from De-La who is only forced into kung-fu mode as a last resort, just like a true martial arts master who only uses the ability for self defence.

The skills that De-La possesses appears in part to be down to natural instinct, since let be honest it is not something a cat can be easily trained to do. There are suggestion that the cat is from Turkey where it appears that the country is in possession of what can be thought of as a handy little defence weapon.

An online source has said that he cat which can be heard screeching may have revealed its suspected training, information from the Martial Arts Resources for Felines Association Around the World, or MARFAAW!. This of course is an underground, not well know source but the information regarding the cat is very accurate.

There is something to be said regarding the elegant way the cat shifts from four-legs to two-legs, displaying its strength and absolute control in not lashing out at the other cat unless it was absolutely necessary.

Viral hit

Whether or not the cat has been trained as a high level martial artist is beside the point, the reality is the cat is protecting itself the only way it knows how to despite its randomness. In general cats are a viral giant, with videos of feline’s  scoring many millions of hits with people finding great enjoyment in watching cats.

In all seriousness, this cat just highlights the characters each animal has and the number of cats waiting in animal homes and shelters around the world looking for homes. With Christmas around the corner and many people thinking of giving kittens and puppies as presents, the message of ‘a dog is for life not just for Christmas’ should relate to cats too.

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