Kourtney Kardashian reveals breast feeding withdrawal



US socialite, Kourtney Kardashian has told how difficult she found it to stop breastfeeding her 15 month old son.

Speaking to E! News, the star revealed that she was urged by others to stop nursing Mason, but found it really hard to completely give up.

“It’s traumatising! I mean, everyone would say, ‘It’s time, it’s time, come on.’

“I started to stop a little bit, weaning and all that, and I’m like, ‘Why am I doing this? If I’m happy and he’s happy.’

“So I said, ‘Let me see, and he only asked once a night.’ So I did it and he just stopped. I’m like, ‘I just want to do what he wants’.”

31 year-old Courtney is now suffering withdrawal symptoms.

She added: “I do have withdrawals. It’s really sad, it’s over. But I don’t know… whatever is meant to be.”

When E! News asked Courtney if that was an incentive to have another child, she said, “We’ll see.”

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