Kidman loves being married




Kidman is currently married to country musician, Keith Urban, her second marriage after divorcing Hollywood mega star Tom Cruise.

Kidman revealed she is just the sort of person who likes being someone’s wife.

Nicole Kidman has revealed that she wants to believe in marriage.

Speaking to an Australian magazine, Aussie Kidman said, “I want to believe in the sanctity of marriage. I want to believe in the union of two people. I want to show that no matter what you get hit with, no matter what pain you’re dealt, there is a way to get through it as a married couple.

“And I suppose that’s just where I’m at. Because I want that to be true. I’m just the kind of girl who likes to be married. I mean, I don’t just want to be married for the sake of being married, but I want to be in a deep relationship.”

Nicole also revealed that her and Keith were desperate for another child.

Kidman has two children already with Urban, and has discusses using a surrogate.

“We were in a place of desperately wanting another child,” Kidman said. “This opportunity arose for us, and I couldn’t get pregnant.”

Kidman added, “Children are children – you’ll die for your children. And when you feel that as a parent – that’s the unconditional love.”

Nicole has four children in total, the other two she adopted with ex Tom Cruise.

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