Katona Katona ready for her holiday

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona’s Dancing on Ice dream came to an end last night after Jason Gardiner, Robin Cousins and Emma Bunton all opted to save Jeff Brazier in the skate off.

Kerry came bottom of the judges leader board with just nine points, and was criticised for her defeatism.

Kerry revealed she had booked a holiday with her children as she thought she would get knocked out, and in the end she was right.

Fighting back tears, Kerry said, “It’s been more than a skating competition. I want to make a big thank you to the public, to each and everyone for voting and giving me that second chance. My kids are proud of what I’ve done.”

She was also quick to pay tribute to her skating partner Dan Whiston adding: “A a massive thank you to Daniel for all your patience…you’ve all been brilliant and I’ve enjoyed it.”

Kerry’s first skate saw harsh comments from Jason Gardiner, who said, “Tonight you proved unequivocally your skating is clearly on the endangered species list.”

Robin added that her progress had been “a tough struggle and I almost feel you’ve given into that,” while Emma pointed out she felt, “I feel in your head you’re already on the plane.”

There were eight skaters left in the competition, and each had to complete an ultimate skills test. Incorporating a step sequence, jump and spin into their routines, Laura Hamilton from Nickelodeon got the highest score of 25.5.

Jeff got 16 points and former Spice Girl Emma called him a “dark horse”, but he still ended up in the skate off.

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